A dynamically developing company, founders of which successfully work since 1996 at the world market of drone aircraft and have wide experience of work at the unmanned helicopter market.

We provide a full set of services in designing and making of unmanned (drone) aviation complexes:

  • Designing and development
  • Production with own capacities
  • Modernization and adjustment
  • After-sales service
  • Training organization

Long experience, accumulated knowledge and professionalism of the team allow making products, which comply with the world standards, and satisfying the tasks set by the customer. We foresee development of technologies, understand market needs and offer a product satisfying their current and prospective needs. .

«VEF UN KO» is a professional design engineering bureau with highly qualified experts.

 Our products are made based on our own designs and technologies (structure, units and details, electronics, software, aerodynamics, algorithms, etc.).